Our Story

Say hello to Moxie Cream, an all-natural, toxin-free deodorant!
 Moxie Cream deodorant was started by me, Francesca, a professional dancer, teacher  and choreographer. My deodorant journey started many years ago when my mother encouraged me and my sister  to use  aluminum-free deodorants and antiperspirants. This had been instilled in her by her father, who in my opinion was very ahead of his time :) 
I was aware that conventional deodorants and antiperspirants contained potentially harmful ingredients, but as a dancer  I needed something that could keep up with my lifestyle. I went in search of a healthy, safe deodorant that's free of toxins but still works even when I'm super sweaty or smelly. The products I tried either didn’t work, or made things worse, so I often found myself using brands that I really didn’t feel good about putting on my body. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and come up with a healthy and effective solution for me, my family, my friends, and my fellow dancers.
After a lot of experimenting, and many different versions, I developed a recipe for a cream deodorant using organic ingredients. At first, I gave it out to family and friends, testing and perfecting it on my fellow dancers. Eventually more and more people I danced with, or taught or practiced yoga with started asking me to try it, so I began producing small batches and packaging it in little jars or bags.  
Seeing how much positive feedback I was getting, my then-boyfriend (now husband) encouraged me to turn my idea into a business. Together we created Moxie Cream to share our handcrafted, small-batch natural deodorant with others looking for a product that contains no aluminum, parabens, or toxins.
We run an ethical company. Our vegan deodorant is cruelty-free; tested on friends, family, and dancers but never on animals. We believe in taking care of our bodies and smelling good in the healthiest way possible. After all, even pits need a little love! 
So why moxie? It's old school; a word my grandma would use to describe people who have guts and pep and aren't afraid to get sweaty in the pursuit of something worthwhile. To me, it perfectly captures the spirited sort of person Moxie Cream natural deodorant is designed for :) 
So ... do you have moxie?
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