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Moxie Cream is an all-natural deodorant designed to give people an option that's safe, aluminum-free, and still works. We handcraft it in small batches based on a recipe created by Francesca, a professional dancer who needs something strong enough to keep up with her very active lifestyle. We strive to make toxin-free and paraben-free products using Fair Trade and Organic ingredients. We take the health of our bodies and the planet into consideration with everything we do, and we work to make a positive impact in whatever way we can.  We never test our products on animals.

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“I believe that what goes on our bodies is as important as what goes in our bodies. I wanted to make something that was safe to use every day and left me smelling good without sacrificing my health.”

- Francesca, Founder


Moxie is my absolute favorite clean, homemade deodorant to use.  All scents smell SO good and are so unique to deodorants. This stuff keeps me feeling fresh for a full 24 hours!


Moxie is simply the most effective deodorant I’ve ever used. I’m very active and was very self conscious about how stinky I was after a workout or just during a regular day. Moxie is the ONLY deodorant that works for me.


Best natural deodorant out there! I'm an avid runner, yogi, and just a gym goer and I stay fresh! The citrusy scent is lovely. I won't be going back to dove or any other product. Moxie Cream is my jam.


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